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The F.I.T. - Galileo Investment Trust Ltd was founded in 1993. We are one of the few private fund-investment management companies, legally qualified under EU law.

As a small "sophisticated" fund-investment group we have already been sailing successfully in the "same ocean as the large ones" for many years.

Our structure allows us to be flexible and independent. Investment decisions are made on the basis of fundamental analyses and not spontaneously as a result of short-term market trends; bureaucratic decision-making does not exist.

Through international partnerships with competent consultants we always keep pace with the pulse of industry. Personal visits to promising companies on a regular basis allow us to achieve a high degree of transparency as well as make fast, targeted decisions.Courage for unconventional, investment decision-making supported by many years of industrial experience and entrepreneurial responsibility enable an interesting lucrativeness combined with the greatest possible security.

We are pleased that you have shown your interest in the products of the F.I.T. - Galileo Investment Trust Ltd. and thank you for taking the time to drop in on our homepage.

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